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Tan-Kri and Starlight

There are two reviews of the Starlight and Tan-Kri available from enthusiats in Germany:
- Christian from
- Norbert from

All though these knives are no longer available I want to show them as they were the first knives I designed for Boker

 This shot of the "Tan-Kri" and "Starlight" was taken at the Blade Show 2000. Boker brought the knives to show them to the dealers. I was unable to bring ether of them back with me, because they had to go to the Boker USA distribution center. I decided to put the photos up anyway, and will later scan the production knives for higher quality photos. 
I have only a few numbered knives in stock, which are numbered 1-20.  I will be the only one who has the numbered knives.  They will also have my logo on them, as seen in the photo at the bottom of this page.  This is a special logo besides the logo produced by Boker and will come with a letter of authenticity signed by me. 



Here I am holding the TanKri knife.
This knife was designed for the thrower, who wants to take his throwing knife camping or hunting. Most throwing knives are designed strictly for throwing. Those that have sufficient tempering which allows them to have a sharp edge often do not have handles. Those that have handles, often find them destroyed from other knives hitting them or from their continuous impact on the target.

The TanKri knife designed by me, and manufactured by
"Boker Baumerwerk - Solingen Germany," is the first throwing knife made with removable handles, that requires no tools. With just the slide of a button, the handles can be removed and the knife is ready to be thrown.
After hundreds of throws your handles will look as good as new. The TanKri, is NOT designed to be thrown with the handles on.

The TanKri is, made from (J-2 Stainless Steel) and tempered to 53 Rockwell. This is a great compromise in tempering, flexibility and strength, allowing for edge holding capability, with minimum effort in resharpening. Stainless steel is a major plus for hunters, anglers and scuba divers. The ease of handle removal makes it a snap to clean after dressing game. Merely release the handles and toss the knife in boiling water, or put it in the dishwasher when you get home, and you will have a sterile knife. For us throwers, this is great for removing pine-sap and other residue from your knife, after a day of throwing. The handle can remain off when you're around saltwater.

This side shows the exposed pins.

This side shows the slide button.

By pulling the button back, you can release both side slabs.

Here's what the knife looks like with both side slabs off.

This is the "Starlight" stage and performers knife.  It is also manufactured by "Boker Baumerwerk - Solingen Germany". I designed this knife for teaching students and as a performer's knife. As you can see it has a wide blade, a straight handle with a very mild up sweep for a smooth release, but also allowing a secure grip. The wide spear blade serves two purposes: (1) It is very forgiving. Not only will it stick in straight, it will also cleave a target by the edge. (2) The large surface also reflects stage light, and adds flash to your knife throwing routine.
The most unique feature to the "Starlight" is the cap firing mechanism in the blade. This assembly will allow a performer to add some safe pyrotechnics to a routine. Just move the front of the assembly to the side, install a plastic cap-gun cap, (available at almost any toy department store) and you are ready to add a real BANG to your act. The cap firing assembly can be removed, and a golf ball "Cyalume Light-Stick" can be inserted. Now you've added MORE flash to the act. You now have your knives flying at the target with the flashing of steel and with yellow and green lights, punctuate that with the BANG of your last knife, and you've just given a spectacular routine. Of course you jugglers will really enjoy this. Not only will your knives be flying through the air, but the light will add a whole new dimension to your performance.
These are the only photos I have of the "Starlight," sorry.



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This page is part of the ARCHIVE COPY of John Bailey's original throwing knife shop. Details and copyright
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