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By John Bailey

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1st Place in "Whip Cracking Speed & Accuracy" at the Wild West Arts Club (WWAC) International Expo April 21, 2007

Set a New Guinness World Record

John is also the:

TWO time World Champion: "Knife Throwing Fast Draw" holder and:

WWAC 3rd Place "Cowboy Quick Draw " single action 2007

Throwing knife club membership

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Lash & Steel Christian Ministry  and  Speaking Engagements with John  Bailey  who is a  Licensed  Baptist Evangelist            

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Knife throwing picture

John Bailey is the Designer  of:
Tan-Kri, throwing knives

Boker Baumerk Solingen Germany
Mini, Bo-Kri,
and the
NEW Ziel II Throwing K
Boker USA's

Ziel II front page

FIRST on the net Boker's NEW "Ziel-II" Throwing Knife; now available. The "Ziel-II" knife is made of super tough1/4" thick 420 J 2, stainless Steel and has an overall length of 13-1/4" weight of 14 oz., which meets or exceeds all the requirements of most knife clubs.
The Ziel reviewed by Christian.

Check them out.

Check out my NEWEST Design, BEIL-AX by Boker/Magnum Line



My new, "Mini Bo-Kri", by Boker / Magnum Line, Buy one from the man who designed it.  

One customer wrote:  "I got this Mini Bo-Kri  and it is AWESOME!  It throws so nice and sticks deep.  By far ones of the best throwers I have found, makes me wish I had gotten the three set deal right off the bat.  Thanks , Jim"

Mini Bo-Kri now in three knife set click here to order

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This page is part of the ARCHIVE COPY of John Bailey's original throwing knife shop. Details and copyright
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